Test Driven development (TDD)

Test First or Test Driven development is a design pattern that can be summed up as:

1. Write a test case and fail it (RED)
~ This means create your unit tests referencing classes that do not exist
~ the project will not compile

2. Put enough code to pass (GREEN)
~ This mean create the signature of the classes & methods you are testing (sometimes referred to as stubbing them out)
~ Return a default value, example if the return type is int then return 0

3. Re factor (REFACTOR)
~ Implement the methods with the intended logic
~ Run test cases Pass/Fail

What is the value?

* High test coverage (You are forced to write Unit Tests)
* Intentions & requirements are clear
* Iterative development and testing
* Defects are identified early
* Automatic regression

Also see: https://dzone.com/articles/fail-fast-principle-in-software-development


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