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” The only stupid question is the one you dont ask “

In an effort to assist my own Continual Professional Development (CPD) I setup this blog.

The intended use is to document for my own personal reference but also to share knowledge around my career path being Software Development. I started doing this on Linked-In however only people with Linked-In accounts can view the articles; this limits knowledge sharing and forces people to sign up. I hope with Microsoft’s recent transformation towards opensource this will change.

I use plenty open source / free tools & technologies every day, this blog and the code I upload to Github is my way of giving back to the online development community.

I am married to the most amazing woman and we dedicate all the time we have to raising our son in a volatile economy. My hobbies are software development & radio controlled model airplanes which I intend to also blog about.

I’m fond of silly (offensive) memes so those will probably sneak in too…

You can reach out to me on any of the following platforms: